Gidget caused me some consternation at the beginning, I can tell you. It might be that I was a tad sensitive after the whole Ruby/Rudy/Jack/Dead Jack escapage, but I was looking for signs of a 2.0 chick who was not as big as the others, and I found one: Gidget.

It wasn’t just that Gidget was smaller than the rest; she also behaved differently. She had a tendency, for example, of sleeping in the food dish:

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I was on hyper alert that I might have picked yet another roo, and ran to the Internets to find out what Gidget’s boyfriend’s name had been…

Moondoggie. This made me almost want her to be a rooster. Almost.

It took a while before I relaxed, around week five, I’d say, when her comb was looking the same as the other two. I’d never had Silver Laced Wyandottes, and they’re combs are incredibly compact, but I figured as long as they all three looked the same, the odds that I’d managed to pick three roos from a large bin of sexed pullets where astronomical, even for me.

And, unlike a budding cockerel, she stayed small. She remains the smallest of my three “good girls”, and the first of the three to lay. This happened with Alexia, too. Hmmm…

By seven weeks, it became apparent that she was also going to be the whitest of my good girls…

…and she remains so. If they’re all bums up, I can tell which is Gidget because her bloomers are pure white; The other two girls have grey bloomers (which is just poor housekeeping, if you ask me).

I really wasn’t expecting her to begin laying at 22 weeks of age; I’d read that Wyandottes were late to mature. But then, “they” say that about Light Brahmas, too, and Alexia was 1.0’s very first layer. Gidget shocked me completely the day she slammed her chest to the asphalt as I approached her; neither Delilah or Jezebel had bothered. Bad girls seldom do.

She is the friendliest of the 2.0s, which, honestly, isn’t saying much. But she lets me cuddle her on the roost at bedtime, which is more than I can say for her sisters.
She is a cute little thing, I must say…


2 thoughts on “Gidget

    • I can guarantee you that if she had no feathers, and if she could dance, she would not resemble the zaftig rooster in that photo. My chickens are all so skinny!

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