Our three Australorps were hard to tell apart for the longest time. As chicks, they were identical penguins. Is this Delilah perching on a stump in the coop?

I have no clue. Maybe. Maybe she’s the other one.

She became identifiable as the biggest of the three, but that took side-by-side comparison. It was only when 2.0 got their leg bands that I could be sure who was who. Here’s Delilah at seven weeks, with a purple leg band:

My feelings for Delilah are complex. She endeared herself to me by being the first of 2.0 to lay, and a tender 20 weeks of age. She’s a bit of a prodigy.

She’s also a bit of a bitch. She won’t let me near her, but that’s par for the course for my “friendly” Australorps. She won’t squat for me: also par for the course. But, Delilah distinguishes herself from her sisters by being violently indignant about any physical contact. Reach under me for an egg? I’ll peck so hard your children will refuse to go near me to collect eggs. Force me to squat at bedtime on the roost? Il baccio della morte, mmmwa! Addio! I keel you.

I mean, would you mess with this girl?

I didn’t think so.

02.07.13: Delilah went missing on February 1, leaving no clue as to her fate. I held out hope that’s she’d find her way home, but I have no choice now but to give her up for (very mysterious) lost…


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