Oh, MARILYN. How do I even begin?

When I brought home the three tiny 2.1 Easter Egger chicks, they were all tiny and adorable. I was smitten in a way that I had never been before. And never was there a chick made for the camera like Marilyn. She posed. She flirted. She glowed.

Those puffy cheeks! That egg tooth! That blond bombshell beauty! She practically named herself. Age only made her more camera savvy:

Integration into the flock threw a wrench into her delicate superstar existence: she and Mae, alone since Gregory Peck’s rehoming, found themselves on the very bottom of the pecking order, and Marilyn is definitely the lower of the two. It’s not that Mae bullies her, but that Marilyn is much more timid. She turns to Mae for shelter at roost time, burying her head under Mae’s breast for comfort.

But, she’s still gorgeous, and she knows it:

I can’t wait to see what colour her eggs will be… (Hurry up, Marilyn!!)


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