I am a Planner. I am the one at whom God laughs. With disturbing frequency. I make lists. I have timetables. That said, I am a pale imitation of my mother, but who isn’t?!

I tell you this so you can understand how rare it is for me to indulge a spontaneous flight of fancy, especially one with enduring impact. So, when I tell you that I decided to get three more chicks this past spring, within an hour of picking them up, without consulting The Man, when 2.0 was a mere four weeks old, you can understand that something truly unusual had taken place.

That’s how I came to choose 2.1. I have wanted Easter Eggers from the very start of this insanity, but Chicken Debbie always gets them in on their own day, without any other breeds. It was either a mix of breeds and no Easter Eggers, or all Easter Eggers.

I snapped. That’s the only excuse I have. You can read the whole sordid story here.

I brought home the three tiniest chicks I’d ever seen. Also, the cutest. I was so entranced by them, I decided to name them after mid-century movie stars: Marilyn, Ava and Audrey.

Before too terribly long, I began to fear that tiny, gamine Audry Hepburn was a boy. First she got bigger than the other two:

…and then, the dreaded comb popped up:

Yup. Audrey Hepburn was really Gregory Peck, a Roman Holiday unto himself. The no rooster by-law still applies here at Heedley’s Hens, so I turned to Chicken Debbie, my chicken drug dealer. As fate would have it, one of the farmers who had ordered Easter Eggers from the same hatching wanted a roo. Gregory Peck is all growed up now, and happily “enjoying his ladies”.

That is a direct quote.

This left me with two girls, which sounds like bad luck, until I learned that full story of the hatch from which they came. You remember I said they were tiny? They were tiny. So much so, I doubt they were even dry before they were shipped. When Debbie received the delivery from The Hatchery That Shall Remain Nameless, an unprecedented seventeen of them were DOA. One or two, sure. Seventeen?!

But, wait! It gets better!! It also seems that of the surviving “sexed pullets”, fully 90% turned out to be ROOS. In that light, my getting two out of three seems like awfully good picking.

So, now it’s just Marilyn and Mae, sticking together at the very bottom of the pecking order.

I’m still waiting on my first blue/green egg, but Mae’s comb is looking pretty pink these days…

Wait. Mae? I thought her name was Ava? Ah…that’s another story…


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