I was told, from many a source, that I would find my Australorps to be such friendly, cuddly chickens. Ha, I say, HA! They loathe me. That said, of the three, Scarlet seems to loathe me the least.

I have always found the Australorps very hard to tell apart, especially before they got their leg bands. So, I would love to tell you that this is a pic of wee baby Scarlet:

It might be. There’s a one in three chance. But I have no idea. It was fun watching the Australorps go from their “penguin” down:

…to fully black, bit by bit. And Scarlet is black. Not only is every single last feather a glorious green-hued iridescent black, but she has black eyes, as well:

Before she reached maturity, even her comb was black:

Scarlet was the last of our bad girls to lay, and still lays the smallest eggs of the three. She is the least likely to hiss at me, raise her hackles, or claim her beakful of flesh. Isn’t that sweet?!

Here is Scarlet now, in all her womanly glory:

Wait…as fate would have it, I caught her yesterday in a very similar position to the one I captured in July, which allows for an interesting side-by-side look at the maturation of an Australorp hen:

As God is my witness, Scarlet, you’ll never be hungry…well, ever.


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