Dorothy is one of our remaining two Silver Laced Wyandottes, larger and whiter in lacing than Alice. It’s actually quite simple to tell them apart.

I now wish I had spent more time bonding with 2.0, because I really have no relationship with them. The only one who liked me was Gidget, and now she’s gone.

I’d love to tell you that this is a baby pic of Dorothy:

12 Week 02 SLW

And it might be. It’s either her or Alice, as Gidget was noticeably smaller. I really can’t be sure, though. Same here:

12 Week 05 SLW1

Once they got their leg bands, it became much simpler, of course. Dorothy got the green leg band, for reasons that should be obvious. These three were my first Laced Wyandottes, and I watched them nervously as they grew, waiting for the lacing to show. At seven weeks, I was still waiting:

12 Week 07 Dorothy

Rather a mess, lace-wise, isn’t it? I even heard some dire mutterings from SLW owners that she would have laced by this point, were she going to.

My concern about her lacing soon gave way to my concern that she wasn’t laying, even at 31 weeks. I can’t be completely sure, but I don’t think she started until she was laying until 35 or 36 weeks; it turns out her eggs have quite a distinctive heavy frosting of bloom. That said, when she did begin to lay, months after her sisters, she started banging out larges, right off the bat.

Dorothy is a biiiig girl, much bigger than her sister Alice, almost as big as Big Momma Tallulah. She still doesn’t like me much, and resists physical contact of any kind. But she is laying with regularity now, if in a makeshift nest of the flotsam and jetsam on The Man’s workbench:

0113 Dorothy Work Bench

And didn’t her lacing turn out purdy? A girl just needs a little time.


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