Trixie is one of our Buff Orpingtons, distinguishable now (by me, anyway) by the fact that her feathers are lighter than Buffy’s. As chicks, though, she and Buffy were Frick and Frack, with very similar personalities: outgoing, daring, funny. Trixie liked to jump on my shoulder, too. And my head. Also…an eye pecker. Watch out.

For the most part, I could tell one chick from another in my little flock. Hermione had her mohawk, Maisie had her crooked toes, Tallulah had the force of her personality. But I had a very hard time telling Buffy from Trixie. For a couple of weeks, before they were big enough for leg bands, I used a little food colouring to help. Trixie’s head had a blue dot, and Buffy’s had a green one.

Buff Orpingtons are known to be late developers, taking longer to get to physical maturity, and that first egg. Not our Trixie! She was one of the first to lay, and has been a reliable, daily layer every since. In the nest box, intact, full size, every time. She’s a pro.

Trixie likes the nest box a little too much, though. She can hang out there for hours, before and after she lays, and she does not care that other hens are lined up. screaming the egg song, waiting for her spot. I am not even kidding. I have a feeling she may turn out to be a reliable broody hen, when I get to the point of wanting more chicks.

And Trixie LOVES her treats. When I go out the back door and through the courtyard door, Trixie is always the first of the hens to run toward me, because I just might have treats and she wants first dibs. Do NOT come between this mini-raptor and a piece of bread. You have been warned!


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