Maisie is one of our three Plymouth Barred Rock hens, sister to Coraline and Abby. I identified her from the other two when they were chicks by Maisie’s adorable outward-curling outer toes. I worried about her a bit when she was a chook, but her curly toes have never impeded her.

The hens all have coloured leg bands now, but I can tell the Barred Rocks apart a number of ways. For example, the Rocks have the biggest combs of all our girls; Coraline’s folds over to her right, Abby’s folds over to her left, and Maisie’s stands straight up. I have way too much time for all of this…

Maisie is a cautious and reliable hen. While we were building their run, we would let the girls out, under supervision. The revelation of the open pop door brought out the personality differences in the girls. Tallulah and Buffy charged right out and lept to the ground (we hadn’t built the ramp yet); Pip and Abby stayed in the coop and refused to come out. Maisie hedged her bets.

She will occasionally show some dramatic flair. For example, when the hens first discovered the playhouse, it was Maisie who figured out that the little porch railing would be the best roost possible. The others soon followed suit.

Maisie, like her Barred Rock sisters, was an early layer, and continues to be a prolific one. She has produced the greatest number of HUGE double yolk eggs of all the hens. OUCH.


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