Hermione, Hermione, Hermione. Where shall I begin?

Hermione was a stand out, right from the first. I called her Little Mohawk Girl, because she was the one of the three Production Red chicks with a black stripe down her head.

She did everything first. She roosted first; she ventured outside the brooder first; she feathered out first.

She was quite the little overachiever. She was clever and brave, but cautious and reserved. I had intended to name her Delilah, but it just didn’t fit. She lacked the necessary… gregariousness. So, I named her after the Harry Potter character. (I also have a black cat named Lucius Malfoy.)

Flaunting age-old chicken wisdom, she often goes off on her own, and she is often the one I have to search for to get the girls safely locked up in their coop/run. She was one of the very last chickens to begin laying, and we’re still having some challenges with her. (See blog entries dated 10.24.11 and 10.25.11.)

Her eggs are GORGEOUS, dark with a rosy tint. When we can find them. ‘Nuff said.


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