My relationship with Haley has not been an easy one. As a chick, she wasn’t friendly, or curious, or gregarious. She was shy and flighty. She didn’t like to be handled, and she’d scream if you tried. Actual screaming.

I tried; believe me, I tried. But Haley wasn’t having any of it. She’d come to me for treats, grab and flee. At a certain point, I made peace with the reality that not all my chicks were going to be lap chickens, and decided to just let her be, with the degree of human contact with which she was comfortable. Which is to say…none.

As a result, I have very few pictures of Haley, just the two above. She just didn’t seek out the camera (or me) in the same way that, say, Hermione, Tallulah or Coraline did. So, I could tell you that this is an adolescent Haley, at left:

Or here, at left:

But I’d just be lying to you, and I don’t want to start our relationship that way. The last two pics are of Hermione. (Insider tip: Hermione’s leg band is orange; Haley’s is yellow.)

We had our first predator scare in August, when a neighbour’s dog came on the property while the girls were free ranging and decided to have some fun with them. Fortunately for all involved, he was an inept and unmotivated predator, and no one was injured or lost. For a few hours, though, Haley was MIA. I really thought we’d had our first loss to a predator.

When we finally found her, she was across the road, crying, on a neighbour’s property. Her flightiness proved a major liability, as she would not be coaxed or tempted across the street to our own property. In the end, it took the siren song of dried mealworms being shaken in a plastic container to get her back home.


But that all changed when Haley reached physical maturity. It’s funny how, as soon as they begin squatting, and craving the love of a good rooster, and I’M the rooster…they become so much more affectionate and easier to handle.

Haley and I get along very well now, and she lays me a gorgeous, dark brown egg almost every day. No drama, no questions, just eggs.


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