These hens are SPOILED. They have 5 acres on which to graze (although they stay close to their coop on about one acre of mowed lawn), they have a super-deluxe coop/run thanks to the Chicken God’s Man (I am the Chicken God), they get yummy treats on a daily basis. It might be sunflower seeds; it might be Japanese Beetles (yum!); it might be pumpkin. On cold mornings, it’s warm oatmeal.

In return, they give us endless entertainment, a not-insignificant amount of anxiety, and the best darned eggs I’ve ever tasted (really).

They chase our cats, run from our dog, eat our ticks, polish off our table scraps, and fertilise our garden. They are an ecosystem unto themselves.

They have the run of the property when they’re out, and watching them is a daily joy. My hostas have been razed to the ground, and there is chicken poop everywhere, but that seems a very small price to pay.

We live on a busy-ish country corner, and they have (so far) even stayed away from the roads. Cars often slow to watch them as they pass our house. (Updated to say HA. See this for the cause of daily heart attacks.)

Their antics are just to good to keep to myself, so I decided to share their stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


6 thoughts on “Hens

  1. ABsolutely gorgeous. I’m not in the habit of reading blogs, but this one took my fancy while I was looking at images of weird chicken coops. I’ll be back.

    • Yep, that’s our Jack, foreground of the second picture. We bought twelve sexed pullets back in April, but you know the 10% rule. Around Week 2, I began to suspect Little Red was not what (s)he appeared, and by Week 5, I was sure Ruby was a Rudy (later called Jack). We can’t have a roo here (an intolerant neighbour), and that was the deal from the get go, so Jack was rehomed to a neighbour who needed a new roo. Unfortunately, Jack was killed by a fox not long after, defending his new girls. It was very hard to let him go, and even harder to know that he had been killed. We had a bit of a bond. I would bring him Japanese Beetles, and he would kill them for me.

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