Wendy speaks!

When I heard my friend Nina was going to get some chickens my first reaction was…awwww…I want some!! I had always dreamed how fun it would be to hatch a bunch of cute little chickies and watch them grow into big, huggable birds. But now, after seeing Nina go through this whole process, I think….what a hell of a lot of work!!

It’s been really wonderful to see Nina’s chicks grow into hens and run and scratch around her yard. All her hard work has paid off. She has the loveliest, cleanest and most polite chickens I have ever met.  Last time I visited them with my kids, my son heard me say that they are so clean you could kiss their fluffy bottoms. So now he goes around telling his friends at school that his mom wants to kiss chicken butt!

Which brings me to Heedley.

Heedley was a chicken I owned for a short time when I was in college. He was a birthday gift from a boyfriend and what a great pet he was. One day, while I was attempting to give him (Heedley, not my boyfriend) a big kiss, he suddenly pecked me…right in the eye!

Years later I created a character called Heedley Pecked Me in the Eye and wrote a children’s book of the same name

”Heedley pecked me in the eye,
it did not bleed I did not cry!”

Thanks to Nina’s chickens, I have been inspired to create new characters, and my love for chickens has been rekindled. I look forward to reading about the adventures of her brood on this blog.


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