My very farmy birthday.

Thursday was my birthday, and it was a big one. Let us speak no more of that.

Last night was my party with The Man’s family, and I did very well for myself. Everyone, especially The Man’s mother, is into my new farming groove, and the haul was impressive, as usual. Remember this gorgeous number I received for Christmas?

photo 3

I flove this girl. Well, she done it again. For my birthday this year, among other things I received this elegant cookie jar:

photo 1

And…brace yerself, Bridget…I finally got me a Egg Skelter!

photo 2

This ingenious storage device from across the pond (those clever Brits, again; first the Brinsea, now this) has only recently been available in the US. People were ordering them from the UK for a while, via eBay, at elevated prices, as you might imagine.

Even now that they’re available in the US, bidding on eBay puts them out of reach. Well, leave it to The Man’s mater to find a bargain on the unbargainable. Those of you who are interested can leave a comment and I’ll pump her for her source. We have ways to make her talk.

The most amazing birthday presents I received were from my parents. My daddy gave me one of his sculptures, which is now displayed proudly on my family’s baby grand piano, in my living room. I am moved each and every time I see it.

And my mother gave me…

Dragonfly P Gwynderella

Gwynderella, my very first dairy goat, and the foundation of Dúagwyn’s herd.

She’s not in my possession yet, and I haven’t even met her. I am waiting to go out to Dragonfly for a visit when I know the outcome of Snowbird’s kidding. I am hoping hoping hoping to get a baby sister for Gwynderella from Snowbird. Were I to be so lucky, I’d wait for Dragonfly Philosophia to be weaned, and bring home Gwynderella, Sophia, and their governess Andromeda, all at the same time. Gah!! I can’t wait.

So, that was my birthday, and a fine one it was. Thanks to all of you who played with me on the Facebook page.


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