Babies in da hizzle!

I just learned why people take photos of chicks when they are only one day old: they are much ore compliant and less zoomie then.

I just did a little photo shoot of 3.0 to introduce them. They don’t have names yet, of course, as I don’t even know their genders. Some of them will be familiar to you, if you’ve been following the Facebook Page.

First, The Cute Kids…the Lavender Ameraucanas:

1305 3LA

The chicks to the left and right were born on Day One (check out the primary feathers coming in on the wing of the chick in the background). They are still much smaller than their Marans counterparts, but they are the largest of the Ameraucanas. That little cutie in the middle is Zippy, The Artist Formerly Known As Light Preemie. Unlike his ICU-mate, Zippy is thriving and keeping up with the big kids.

Next, The Big Kids…the Blue Copper Marans:

1305 4BUCM

Blue genetics being what they are, any clutch of eggs hatched will be approximately half blue, one quarter black, and one quarter splash. I have four Blue Copper Marans chicks, all capable of producing all three colours. The chick to the right was born Day One, and, no, that’s not just foreshortening. We don’t call her Big Blue for nothing…

Now, The Small Kids…the Black Copper Marans:

1305 2BACM

Both of these chicks needed help being born. The larger chick to the right was helped out of the shell just after Splash was, and never needed any help after that. The one to the left should be instantly recognisable by the snazzy bracelet…that’s Little Black Copper Marans, the littlest Marans, who has needed all kinds of orthopaedic help. I was very concerned about this chick, protecting from the big kids, making sure s/he drank enough water…

Well, this morning, I watched as s/he drank independently for the first time, and heaved a huge sigh of relief. This chick is mouthy and isn’t taking any crap.

And, lastly…The Lone Chick…the Splash Copper Marans:

1305 1SCM

Splash was the first chick I helped from the shell, and the only Splash of the hatch. I so want this chick to be a rooster, but, first, I want this chick to survive. I wouldn’t get o attached to Splash just yet, as s/he is exhibiting some pretty major digestive issues, and I won’t relax until I see improvement. Poop is all.

So, there you have them, the chicks of 3.0.

And then, there were seventeen. Again.


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