Helloooo? Anybody Home?

It’s Day Eight for 3.0; time to candle and see what we have so far. I tried candling with two different flashlights last night, to no avail. Between the writing on the eggs, the bumps and freckles on the eggs, and the shit on the eggs, I had no idea what I was looking at. I gave up after about six of them.

Clearly, more intensive methods were required. When in doubt…youtube.

I saw this video last night, and this one this morning, and what I am creating is an amalgam of the two. Pretty freaking brill, though I say it myself, who shouldn’t.

I began by stealing a large (10″) clay flower pot from the garden, and giving it a good scrub in the tub. What could be better?! It doesn’t leak light, contains heat, is fireproof, and comes with a ready-made viewing hole, to boot, almost the perfect size! (The diameter of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot is 1 1/4″; the recommended size for viewing chicken eggs is 1 1/2″.)

My first move was to sand down all the rough edges around the drainage hole. Our precious eggs were going on there, and it needed to be smoooooth. This was surprisingly easy; the clay gave way without much of a fight. I could have enlarged the hole, had I been so inclined. I was not.

I then went back to the first video and stole his idea of lining the pot with aluminum foil, to increase the power of the light.

I was going to need a light source, one that was short enough to fit under the 9.5″ high pot. Failing that (and I did), I’d need to modify (read: destroy) one to suit the purpose. This was not as hard as one might think; we have all manner of baby girl table lamps around here, and destroying one of them could only enrich my soul.

Oh, stop. You try living with little Peter Rabbit lamps everywhere, and see how you like it.

Only one problem: the lamp was about 6″ too tall. It seemed perfect for modification (sounds nicer than “destruction”, don’t you think?), as the center rod is metal, and a wire runs through it:


As you can see in the photo above, I took a pipe cutter to the top of the rod. I tired to do the same at the bottom, but the stand was just too inhibiting. I wanted to keep the stand as part of the light mechanism. Something was going to have to hold the light upright.

I did what I always do…I adapted. It was much more MacGyvery than I had hoped, but the end result is this:

photo 1

What with all the cutting pipe surrounding around the wire, I thought it prudent to see if it still worked…

I lined the pot with aluminum foil, only to learn that little, if anything, sticks to a damp, clay pot. So, I stuck the foil to itself, and wrapped a large elastic band around the lip of the pot. Hey, I didn’t say it was going to be pretty.

photo 3

This, inverted over the lamp, looks as though it will do the job. I say “looks as though” because I won’t be able to really tell until I can try it out in a dark room, tonight. Stepdaughter the Elder has been called into service to take notes as I candle each egg.

But I did see this:

photo 4

Right? I mean, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but…that’s an embryo, right?! Go #17! Get on with your bad self!


11 thoughts on “Helloooo? Anybody Home?

  1. You definitely have development going on! YAY!

    And awesome candler!!

    I bought a flashlight specifically made for candling, but it would most likely not shine as good as your ‘modified’ lamp does. I will try that if I ever incubate Marans. I want to, but no one around here breeds them!

      • We’ll have to find a way. My friends and family are waaaay over in the Toronto area, malheureusement…

      • Yes but you could bring them with you and ship from there. They’d make it here quickly from Toronto. :)

        I’d so use that as an excuse to go visit my BFF Kyle in Toronto. I went to Toronto to get a Gander last October that came from Kansas.

    • You know, I’m finding the blue eggs harder. Blue eggs are blue all the way through the shell, whereas dark eggs are only dark colour on white shells. I’m hoping to see something tonight…

      • My blue eggs were so easy to see through. Especially my bantam Ameraucanas I could tell if they were fertile by day 3 it was so clear.

        You must just have unusually thick eggs!

  2. Your Peter Rabbit remarks gave me a giggle fit. It’s old Winnie the Pooh furniture here, but I would definitely relish a bit of destruction there myself. Glad you found something that works for you.

    • I’ve been going through closets in the house and also the barn, putting things out on the curb that our girls have just outgrown, and MAN! Do they ever disappear!

  3. You definitely have a SOMETHING going on there!!! Go, baby, go!

    I so relate to your posts. Mostly because I would be sitting there doing exactly the same thing. Try, fail, YouTube, try, maybe fail, FIND SOMETHING MAYBE?!, YouTube again. :) It’s a great way to learn, I swear.

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