Doe, a goat, a female goat.

We have a doe!

Born on April 12, out of Dragonfly HFX Electrum, by Dragonfly IH Poseidon, it is my pleasure to announce the birth our first foundation doe!

I haven’t been able to get a picture of her yet (Joanne is an extremely busy woman in the middle of kidding season), but, for those of you who are into the details, here is her extended pedigree. Joanne tells me her colouring is a great deal like her Ella Enchanted, only even whiter.

Our girl is just a little biddy thing right now, of course, and I will have to be very patient waiting for her to come home to us, with her retired auntie, Twin Creeks HS Andromeda:


But what to name her?! I had chosen the name Dragonfly Philosophia (“love of wisdom”), barn name to be “Sophia”, but, when Joanne told me this doe was almost all white, I had an inspiration…

Gwynderella! Gwynderella The Horse will not be coming to us (for reasons too complex to get into here), but why waste a perfectly good name?!

Ladies and gentlechickens, it is my honour and privilege to announce the birth of Duagwyn’s first foundation doe…Dragonfly P Gwynderella.


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