I know nothing. Again.

I have ordered three dozen eggs for hatching, to be shipped this coming Monday: 24 for me, 12 for a friend. I did the research on the incubator, and have just been gifted a shiny, new Genesis 1588 with egg turner. So, I’m all ready to hatch me some chicks, right?


Great googly moogly! I had no idea how much there was to learn, and I now have precisely five days in which to learn it all. I started here, and there has several dozen links for more information. I don’t even have a candler, and most of my eggs are Marans!

I am freaking out, people!

Okay, chickeneers, I need your help. Those of you who have incubated eggs, particularly shipped eggs, please let me hear your best tips and most urgent cautions. Helpful links also gratefully accepted.

Help me make babies, y’all!


7 thoughts on “I know nothing. Again.

    • Working on getting a slide projector! People say it has very powerful light (for dark eggs) and, more importantly;y, the light is COOL.

  1. I have asked a few friends who have hatched shipped eggs very well and am awaiting their responses. I’ll post here.

    • Thanks! I’ve been reading buyer reviews for The Garry Farm on BYC, and they’re FANTASTIC. I mean, hundreds of reviews.

  2. I laughed out loud at “great googly moogly!”

    Deep breaths, deep breaths. You’ve got this! (I’d be totally freaked, too, for the record, but I have every faith in you!).

  3. I have Marans that I have incubated. (and Garry are sending me Guinea Eggs this week) First do not expect to be able to see all the candling details they show with either Marans (or Amer. either). Americauna eggs are actually worse IMHO since the blue pigment is through the whole shell, while the dark Marans is just an outer coating. You will be able to see air cells and if an egg is a dud even with these eggs though. If the light is glowing through when you get to later days in the incubation it is a dud. If it goes black other than the cell on top it is developing at least. In my experience you will know it is good …if it hatches…. BUT you wont be seeing the veins and embryo early on and all that like you would for a white or pale brown egg.
    I candle with one of the new ultra bright led flashlights. They are not hot and I do it quickly and they are very bright. I have a tactical flashlight also (ones used with firearms in the dark) and that is really effective for the dark eggs. I just hold the flash light with my fist on its lit end and put the egg in the circle made by my index and thumb.
    Take seriously what they say about not turning shipped eggs to start and keeping them resting upright to start. When I did that I did much better.
    Be careful though this thing is addictive. I have now two incubators and just hatched 40 quail (5 of which I saved using the assisted hatching instructions on BYC) from one, Muscovy ducks in the other, and Guineas about to go in with some chicken eggs of mine that will be for a friend. Hatching day is SOOO exciting and nerve-wracking. Let me know if you want to “talk” incubating.

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