Not dead.

Hi. Long time no blog. Sorry. I finally have something to blog today, however, and, holy moly, it’s even chicken related!

I have just ordered my first-ever hatching eggs, to do my first-ever hatch. As I have mentioned before, I am going to hatch Lavender Amercaunas (true blue eggs and du a gwyn) and Blue/Black/Splash Copper Marans eggs (chocolate brown eggs, and…du a gwyn). I am consistent, if nothing else.

The Lavender Amercaunas will look like this:


Which, frankly, was what I was hoping Mae would look like. Amercaunas should, unlike Easter Eggers, lay truly blue eggs, without any hint of green. The Blue/Black/Splash Copper Marans, which lay a dark, chocolate-brown egg will look like this:


And this:


And even this:


Just like Blue Slate turkeys, there are three colours tied up in one breed, and they all look good to me.

I am hoping to have a good hatch rate, but braced for the reality that these things are an adventure and a crap shoot. In the end, I’d like to have one rooster and 2-3 hens from each breed. And they will be (say it with me)…3.0!

From whence am I getting these beautiful birds? From the Garrys of The Garry Farm in Georgia. You can learn more about The Garry Farm here, or at their Facebook page.

What’s that you say? You thought I was going to wait for Abby to go broody so I wouldn’t have to brood them myself or worry about integration? I did say that, didn’t I? Here’s the thing: I got me some baby fever.


4 thoughts on “Not dead.

  1. Oooo pretty! I’m excited for you and your incubation endeavours! I am really good at incubating. What incubator did you choose? Try to stay away from still airs. They are hard for new to incubating people. Hard to control.

    If you can afford a Genesis, I highly recommend them. Best styrofoam incubator out there!!

    I’m really looking forward to following you in this!

    • I did have a Sportsman picked out (not still air, humidity control, egg turner) but Chicken Debbie volunteered the loan of hers. Don’t know the model but will report back. Should have eggs 4.11!!!

      • Sportsman!? Seriously? Wait.. Are we talking cabinet incubators?

        I worked up to my sportsman. A very large purchase. Shipping alone was $300. :P So nice of Chicken Debbie!

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