There is a lot of construction going on at Heedley’s Hens this week, as the fence goes up and the barn is cleared out and rearranged for its new residents. This is the week that The Man took off work to get the work done, and he is gettin’ ‘er done. Seriously, it’s impressive. I am impressed. I knew there was a reason I married him…

The girls check out the fence as it goes up, little realising how their lives are about to change:

photo 1

photo 5

The fence is going up, but that’s only part of what’s happening. There was a major purge of the showroom of the barn Monday, as I sifted through discarded flotsam and jetsam, most of which preceded my residence here. Very interesting…

This is all very spiritually cleansing for me, if physically exhausting, but the chickens are less sanguine. You see, the showroom houses fully four of their five nests, not counting the nesting boxes in the coop, which are only used by Tallulah, who isn’t laying at the moment. Tallulah!!!! (shakes fist) Of those four nests, three have either been moved or disappeared. They are not amused.

Here is a pic of Abby searching desperately for The Hideaway:

photo 2

The closest raised platform she could find was the saw table. Trixie checked it out this morning, too. I tried to show Abby where The Hideaway had gone:

photo 4

Same Hideaway, different wall. She wasn’t having it.

Now, I do this not cavalierly, believe me. I know how important it is for a girl to have her nest. It truly cannot be helped, and the construction in the showroom today is bound to upset them even further. I am trusting that they will adjust, once their tiny pea brains have forgotten how things used to be, They will cry and cry and cry and cry and then look up and say “Wait. What?”. Life will go on.

They will find new nests, especially Hermione, who will blithely ignore the new nests I have created for them. My greatest challenge will now be finding Hermione’s eggs, once the right hallway door is left open to accommodate the needs of goat-keeping. She has always loved that hallway, and keeping the door shut has been the only way I had a fighting chance of finding her eggs. Now, every day will be Easter.

In the meantime, I am fully expecting that the egg flow will be constricted. It sucks, but…there it is.

UPDATE: Abby finally settled on the one non-coop nest not disturbed by all the ruckus: The Not The Tennis Racket Nest, down the coop hallway, near the coop’s inner door:



2 thoughts on “UNACCEPTABLE.

  1. I’ve never seen a hen look so much like a rooster (in the face). She has to be a good layer. The comb and wattles can’t lie.

    Hermione.. She is such a diva.

    • Coraline’s comb and wattles are even bigger, but you’re right; my PBRs are my best, most consistent producers of huge eggs. Abby is the champ, though, and broody, to boot!

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