I give up, Trixie; you win.

The first fart egg was funny. I sent it to school with Stepdaughter the Younger for show and tell, so her classmates could learn that eggs don’t out come perfectly uniform and clean in a carton; chickens are people, too, and sometimes accidents happen.

The second one was a warning: this could be for real. And this morning, first thing, came the third one, announcing that this issue isn’t going away anytime soon.


Here they are, in order of lay, from left to right. Yes, I’ve kept them. What was I going to do…cook them? SELL them?!

Now, ya just gotta give it to her: look how unalike they are! It’s hard to believe these three fart eggs all came from the same butt. That is one highly creative butt, I think we can all agree.

So…there’s that.


8 thoughts on “Uncle.

    • Maisie is our torpedo girl, and her breed sister, Coraline, lays spheres. Which of the two is the cleverer, do you think?!

      • Pullet bullets, first season eggs, are funny, had one that was the size of a quarter and a double yoker to boot! Came from the hen that usually lays jumbo eggs, barred rock, miss bardy! Hope she settles soon!

    • They are gorgeously blue on the inside of the egg, which is a bit of a shock, as all other eggs are white on the inside. The egg white and yolk are perfectly normal. Which is to say, glorious.

  1. Wow they are so different! Looks like 3 different hens doing it, but I believe you when you say it all came from one girl. That one girl is very artistic ;)

    • If you could hear how much she complains after laying those tiny little things…you’d think she was laying the Hope Diamond.

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