For all my wailing about Trixie’s fart egg earlier this week, I held out hope that it was an aberration. Yesterday was a day off; surely she’d lay today. Surely it would be a normal Trixie jumbo. Right? RIGHT??!!

As I left for midday errands, I saw Trixie take over The Hideaway from Abby, and knew I’d have more information upon my return. As I re-entered the barn two hours later, I walked slowly to The Hideaway…

And found…



A pale, perfectly-spherical fart egg, not one inch in diameter.

So…sigh. You know, if she were at least inclined to be broody, she’d be earning her keep…


3 thoughts on “Oh….POOPYPANTS.

  1. It looks big enough in the picture.. until you look at the weight lol.

    Trixie being a buff orpington, should really go broody. It only makes sense!

      • I swear to you…I have a full sized Swedish flower whose eggs are like half that size. I was thinking the wild birdies were sneaking into the laying box.

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