Who had today in the pool?

Anyone who knows me even moderately well will have been watching my Goat’s Progress, smiling, smirking, even, and taking bets as to which day I would push my plans to this spring. Not if, on which day.

Well, if you took today in the pool, gentle reader, you are a winner! Congratulations.

Yes, I caved. I couldn’t stand it a moment longer, let alone a year longer. I don’t know exactly how yet, but I must have goats. Yes, I have a lot of cramming to do, but I’ve been reading like crazy, asking a lot of questions, and have just joined the American Dairy Goat Association and the American Goat Society. I am committed, and I will get ‘er done.

My resolve was quickened by finding a breeder who felt like my breeder, one from whom I could choose my foundation doe with confidence that I’d be getting my breeding program off to a great start. It was clear from the beginning that her aftercare would be above and beyond. Hell, her forecare was above and beyond.

Pedigrees being what they are, I kept following the names of local goats up to their ancestors’ home herds, and that’s how I found Dragonfly Nigerians and Joanne Karohl. Joanne’s goats are beautiful, and she bred the current ADGA National Champion Doe, but what really drew me to her breeding program was the story on her introduction page of how she came to goats. I felt a harmony there I hadn’t felt elsewhere.

After many, many emails, and Joanne’s seemingly endless patience and responsiveness, we have come to the following agreement:

Joanne has many, many freshenings coming up (you can follow the kiddings on her facebook page). She will choose for me a high-quality doeling, the first non-reserved doeling to be born, preferably of monochromatic colouring (more on that later). I have a budget, and we’re working within that. Should such a doeling not be available, I will buy her doe Lucy:



Goats are highly social animals, and Joanne was concerned that my doeling (or Lucy) not be lonely, so she agreed to send home one of her “lawn ornaments” with me, as a companion animal. At this stage of the game, it might be Andromeda:


I still have at least two months to wait, but I’ll use that time to become completely ready, or as very nearly as is possible.

As for my love of the monochromatic colourings, Joanne has encouraged me to get past it, and she’s completely right. Nigerians are a breed with no colour restrictions, unlike some dairy goat breeds. To restrict myself to monochromatically-coated goats is to potentially cut myself off from the very best animals of the breed. It’s hard to be taken seriously as a breeder with those kinds of blinkers on.

I’m working on it. In the world of Great Danes (with which I am familiar, and have done a little showing), the accepted six colours are very closely monitored; a black Dane used to breed with Blues shouldn’t be used to breed with Harlequins, for example. It’s ordered and stubborn, like me. I’ll get past it.

I think. This, below, is what ensnared my heart in the first place. Can you blame me?!


GAH!!! Death by cuteness.


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