Catastrophe. Please help if you can.

Long-time friend of Heedley’s Hens, Juliette of Les Farms of New Brunswick, Canada, suffered a devastating loss last night; she awoke to her barn completely ablaze, all the animals in it destroyed by fire.

This is loss on a scale that I can’t even comprehend, but my empathy has keep me in tears and nausea since I heard. Devastation like this might happen to any of us.

In Juliette’s own words:

My in laws started screaming our names at 1:30 “The barn is on fire!” We jumped out of bed and raced to see. The barn.. It was completely ablaze. Not even an ounce of wood not on fire. We lost 2 sheep, 4 turkeys, 100+ chickens, 6 ducks, 4 geese and our precious livestock guardian dog Clementine. Everything is gone. All of our love. All of our pets. I have never heard our farm so silent.

We happened to have 14 chicks in the basement that we had planned to move to the barn on Sunday but we were exhausted from building our breeding pens and put it off for another day. We have nothing to house them in. We are just heartbroken and lost. We have insurance on the barn itself, but not the animals. We had many, many breeds that are endangered. Now they are gone. I just can’t stop crying. It hurts to breathe.

The community on facebook has come together and started a donation fund for a temporary coop for our precious babies who are left without a home.. We have just spent everything we had on building the breeding pens and paying for all the feed a month in advance because of a huge snowstorm that happened this weekend – making it hard to get feed down to the barn. I just am at a loss. My babies.. My poor babies…

I have been crying and sick for her ever since hearing the news. Apparently, extension cords are suspected to have been the culprit:

I would love for you to explain to others how extension cords are such a high fire risk.. as well as dust.. dust + outlets is a very bad combo. I would have never known.

We have so many! I will be unplugging them all before going to bed tonight. If I can sleep at all.

Please go to her website’s homepage and donate, if you can. They can never replace their babies, but they can rebuild.


9 thoughts on “Catastrophe. Please help if you can.

  1. Oh dear one. . . another heartbreaking story. Sending blessings and cash as soon as. . .now, to sound like your mother NINA, unplug whatever you can this evening. . . pout lets in the country scare me to death! Try and sleep. . .xd

    • Thanks for sharing, Aoxa; I have posted on the Facebook page and will be reading thoroughly. I have been fighting the urge to send you babies all day…

      • Thanks. :) We are closer to our goal for a new coop thanks to all these people chipping in. Makes my heart full.

        I’m wondering your experience with the ecoglow. What were the temps outside (in Celsius if you can) that it worked no problem. Thinking of safer ways to heat our chicks. But if I can only use them in summer, it won’t work. Even in summer our night time temps dip into single digits (8-9 C) so I’m wondering if that would work.

      • LOVE the ecoglow, but it has its limitations. It is designed to keep small chicks in mama-like comfort, but only down to 50 degrees F. It’s not really intended for outdoor use. This was a challenge for me last spring, when I brooded 2.0 in the coop. I had them in a wire dog crate and, in addition to the ecoglow, which they loved, I had a heat lamp resting on TOP of the crate, so it couldn’t possibly fall, and I used a 150w reptile ceramic heat bulb, with no light (these come in 250w). LOTS of advantages to this, including that they kept normal hours, and slept through the night, and 1.0 was undisturbed by light.

        I am also much calmed by the fact that I use sand litter. Sand doesn’t burn. Even if a heat lamp were to fall, it’s much less likely to have catastrophic consequences. And I can now tell you that sand does NOT freeze and become concrete, only if you allow it to get wet. As a plus, you never have to worry about grit again.

        All that said, I will be brooding turks inside for the first two weeks, they’re just too damned fragile.

        I hope that’s helpful. Your temps are much cooler than ours. 8C in the summer? Yikes!

      • I’m wondering if they say 50F to be safe from liabilities? It’s usually July before we see steady temps above 10 at night in the summer. It’s refreshing. Our days are so hot, and it’s hard to sleep at night when it stays hot.

        Thanks for the info.

      • I believe them. They are barely warm to the touch, and only use 14w.I didn’t want to chance it, in any event. Let me know what you decide to do…

      • I will be getting one for summer time for sure. I will have proper safety set up for heat lamps where there is no chance of them falling, though that’s not even what started it.

        If you can change your barn outlets to GFI’s that is a good idea. Not expensive to do, and my father can do it – so I’m sure your man can.. Or you.. I just like to stay far away from anything electrical myself.

      • Will pass the idea along to The Man. I’m getting close to brooding time again, and I want to rest easy.

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