There’s good news and there’s disappointing news.

The good news: Hermione and Haley are back, baby! The last two stragglers from the molt are back in production, Hermione laying again as she entered her fifth month of cessation. The eggs are gorgeous and huge.

The disappointing news? They are regular ordinary light brown. Look at this “a day’s worth of eggs” photo, one of my favourites:

Week 27 one days eggs

See that bottom line of eggs? The one to the left is an Haley, and the one to the right is an Hermione. Look at those gorgeous eggs, people! It doesn’t really show in this pic, but there is (was!) a gorgeous rosy glow to the dark Hermione egg. I loved finding them, and always tried to include one of the two in a carton of six eggs.

Here’s what Haley’s and Hermione’s eggs look like today:


Borrrrring. I would not have known the egg to the right was Hermione’s had I not seen it exit her body.

But I’m not complaining! I’m not. This means all of 1.0 is back in production, and the eggs are huge.

So…what up, chickeneers? Does it take a while for a girl’s ink sprayer to come back online after a molt? Will I ever see my beautiful, dark, rosy Hermione eggs again?!


One thought on “There’s good news and there’s disappointing news.

  1. I do love getting the darker eggs from my girls too. Lately my “twins” have been laying very pinky or lavender brown eggs, I want to take the shells to the paint store and have them make a paint out of that color!

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