The state of the molt. The bitter end.

I can’t believe it’s the end of January and we’re still talking about this. This is brutal.

That said, things are looking up!

Abby: Still Absent With Leave. Poor thing, molting through this awful cold snap. I know she’s molting because I see the feathers everywhere, she’s looking a bit ragged, and her comb is pale and shrunken, but it’s not a disastrous molt. If it were, I would seriously have had to consider knitting her a little chicken poncho. Absolutely not expecting eggs from her anytime soon. And that’s…okay.

Coraline, Maisie & Trixie: Churning out enormous eggs now, about 4 per week each. No complaints here! Trixie, now that she’s laying after a 10-month hiatus, is still the loudest chicken ever made. Damn, girl.

Tallulah & Alexia: Both back in action, as of yesterday! Very exciting.

Haley & Hermione: Dude. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot??!! Haley, you’re slightly off the hook as you did come back from molt and are now re-retired due to cold/dark/stress/whatever. You get a little more time. Hermione. I love you. I do. You know I do. But it’s been four (4!!) full months since I last had an Hermione egg. This is unacceptable. Both these Production-My-Ass Reds are really testing my patience.

That said, The egg supply is beginning to flow once more. Dorothy and Scarlet lay regularly; Jezebel and Delilah less frequently. Alice has been squatting lately and nested today, so maybe she’s getting ready to lay again. Mae lays about three eggs a week.

And, Marilyn? Another month and she’ll be the 40-week-old virgin…


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