Heedley’s Hens get named.

As The Man and I began to mentally form our little farming empire, with turkeys coming soon and dairy goats in the future, as we began to contemplate marketing and profit (or not), it occurred to us that our little “gentleman’s farm” should have a name. “Heedley’s Hens” is the name for our flock of chickens and their eggs, but we wanted an umbrella under which to place all of our farming projects, and to give our home a name.

Those who have been reading regularly will know that I’ve been holding out for “Black & White Farm”, because virtually all our animals are monochromatic, and it’s looking that they will continue to be, going forward. The Man wanted something Celtic, that was a real name name. We were discussing this divide the other night when I had the inspiration to look up “black and white” in Gaelic. (We’re Scotophiles here.)

It was nice, but unwieldy and difficult to pronounce; much like the name “Siobhan”, we’d have to teach everyone how to say it. And it wasn’t a name name. Consensus lost, we resigned ourselves back to the drawing board.

And then, it came to me. What about Welsh? We have a connection to Welsh through our aforementioned mutual love of Doctor Who. (To those who love Doctor Who, no explanation is necessary; to those who don’t, none is practicable.) I searched a translation site, and…that’s it.

“Black” in Welsh is “du”, and “white” is “gwyn”. “Black and white” is “du a gwyn”. I showed it to The Man and he nodded, smiling; we have our name. I think we’ll likely punctuate between the words to make it more of a piece: “Du-a-gwyn”, or “Du·a·gwyn”. We could run it all together without punctuation, but I think the pronunciation is less intuitive that way.

I would like to get a large sign for the front of the property, one where we could hang shingles indicating what was available at that time. Something like this:

Farm Sign

Or this:


But I am attracted to iron as well, like this:


Or this:


We’ll jump off that bridge when we get to it.

Heedley’s Hens will remain Heedley’s Hens, but the turkeys, the goats, the milk and the cheeses will fall under the Du-a-gwyn name. The beer we’re brewing now will be Du-a-gwyn, as well.

So…THAT’S settled.


2 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens get named.

  1. Make sure to get certified before selling any milk products. Just watched the scariest documentary about that.. Farmageddon – check it out. Really interesting, but terrifying, and Joel Salatin is in it.

    It took us almost a year to come up with our name. :P

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