Heedley’s Hens get shirty.

When we got the first twelve chicks in April of 2011, I made a promise to The Stepdaughters. (Here’s visual reminder of just how cute the peepers were:)


(I can still tell that girl in front is Hermione. Good times.)

Anyway, I promised The Stepdaughters that I would have T-shirts made for them that said “My pets make me breakfast”. This is not original; I totally stole it from someone far cleverer than I am, but I am hoping it’s one of those things that has been around long enough, and far and wide enough, that it is no longer attributable to a single, litigious individual. Fingers crossed.

It takes a long time for things to be scratched off the “to do” list around here. The Man and I said we’d make beer four years ago and are almost ready to bottle our very first batch. So, it’s not out of context that this promise should have taken so long to fulfill. It’s about to be, through a happy accident.

I went to my local Staples with Stepdaughter the Elder, in search of more egg carton labels. I was finally able to send our eggs to my mama, and wanted there to be labels on the carton, dammit. This was a big deal. They didn’t have the labels I needed, but Stepdaughter the Elder spotted something intriguing on the way out: printable iron on shirt decals. Oooooooo.

I designed something Heedleyesque in a 4″ x 6″ format, and here’s what I came up with:

Heedleys Tshirt Decal pets

Just for the four of us. Very exclusive.

Now, the Heedley’s Hens’ eggs fan club extends far beyond our little family, to extended family, friends, and customers in the neighbourhood and at work. Don’t they need a T-shirt, too, to show that they care from whence their food comes? That they know a Haley from a Maisie when they open up the carton? For these people, I modified the slogan:

Heedleys Tshirt Decal i know

Still a fairly exclusive club. We only have fifteen hens, after all.

But, what about people who have never had a Heedley’s Hens egg, but are equally concerned with knowing the source of their food? What if they want to spread the message of ethical, humane, healthy local food sources? Oh, they get the best one of all:

Heedleys Tshirt Decal know

This admonition to shop locally comes with a cheeky undertow, and if you can’t see it, I am not going to explain it to you.

No matter which way you take it, I think we can all agree…it’s just good advice.


8 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens get shirty.

  1. What a great idea! :)

    You know you can order labels from Staples online and get free next day shipping right? On orders over $50 or if you are a preferred customer (which my mother is, so we can literally get free shipping on a $2 pencil next day… That’s just how we roll). lol

  2. Received this link from Tricia (Tricott) your page is cute. Anyone who knows me knows that it usually takes quite a lot to get much emotion from me… I literally cried over Buffy. Right now I’m laid up with a hurt back so I’ve been reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and for being so emotional… serious…yet funny.

    • Welcome Theresa! I hope you feel better soon. I love writing this blog; I can’t tell you how emotionally nourishing I find it. I’m so glad others enjoy it, too.

      • This is where I get my shirts done http://www.queensboro.com/ – very reasonably priced and they also do printed apparel, not just embroidered. Their minimum is 4 items I believe whereas Cafe Press you can order one at a time, but it’s a lot more expensive.

      • I’ll give it a look. I’m just planning on ironing out a few for the family at this point, but…who knows?

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