Heedley’s Hens get mysterious. Blue egg edition. The mystery continues.

There was a fourth blue egg in The Annex today, to greet me back home. It is virtually identical to its sisters, and a little heavier. Here’s what we know:


Eggs are arranged in order of date laid, from left to right. Egg #1 was laid Jan. 1, in The Annex, by Mae. This we know. It is just shy of a small. Egg #2 was laid Jan. 5, in The Hideaway, layer uncertain. It is a small. Egg #3 was laid only 20 hours later on Jan. 6, in The Annex, layer uncertain, also a small. Egg #4 was laid this morning, in The Annex, layer uncertain. It is a small and a bit.

You see my dilemma, yes? What say you, chickeneers? Do I have one Easter Egger laying, or two?


6 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens get mysterious. Blue egg edition. The mystery continues.

  1. LOL, don’t take me wrong- I truly feel for ya!
    I can’t answer or add anything of value to your quandry there, as I have 2 EE’s and I have gotten a total of 2 eggs in the past 3 months, both pointy-ended like yours but normal sized, and same color – about a week apart.
    I THINK my other one lays pinkish eggs, but then I have new Barred Rocks too, so it might be them. In other words, I’m in the same kind of boat with my layers.
    Don’t you wish for a 24/7 “HEN CAM”?
    ME TOO!

    • The cam will be a MUST when the poults come. I’m sorry; not even optional. I think I’m going to have to solve this one the old-fashioned way. My gut tells me Marilyn isn’t laying yet, but she could be stealth laying. My Barreds lay very light eggs, and Maisie’s are almost white, but I never had one that was leaning to pink…

    • My gut tells me you’re right, Aoxa, but LuckyRobin has an interesting point of view…time for the MarilynCam. Poor girl just can’t get any privacy.

  2. I think you’ve got 2. Auracana eggs are incredibly similar, but there are subtle differences. I think eggs 3 and 4 were not laid by the same hen as eggs 1 and 2. We have 3 auracanas (one is a banty cross) and they started laying in fits and starts, laying an egg or two and then quitting for a week before starting up again, though nowadays they are the most regular layers, very consistent. You can’t always tell by the pointy end, but you will see a few differences in the rounded end.

    • Good tip! I will keep a closer eye on the rounded end. I’m curious, are your auracanas rumpless? We’re definitely heading toward having animals here who are monochrome in colour, and the rumpless white ones fascinate me…

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