Heedley’s Hens get mysterious. Blue egg edition.

As you well know, gentle reader, Marilyn and Mae are our first Easter Eggers, and they are just now at Point of Lay. Mae laid our first ever blue egg on New Year’s Day. I know it was Mae; I saw her in the nest. Mae. With the blue egg. In The Annex.

I waited another four days to get a second blue egg, yesterday afternoon, in The Hideaway. Okay, I thought, she’s trying out another nest. It takes a while for a girl to pick a favourite. It is a woman’s prerogative, after all. This second egg was the precisely same shape and colour as the first, just slightly larger. There was no doubt in my mind that it was Mae’s, although I did not see her actually nesting in The Hideaway.

I just found another blue egg in The Annex, fewer than 20 hours later, identical in colour, shape and size. Mae’s, right? Even though it was laid so soon after the last one? I was under the impression that it was relatively simple to tell the eggs of Easter Eggers apart, as they each had their own unique shade.

What do you think, Easter Egger chickeneers? Did Mae lay with prodigiously frequency? Or has Marilyn started laying eggs identical to her sisters’?


7 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens get mysterious. Blue egg edition.

  1. It could go either way. Our Auracanas have been known to lay every 18 hours. Two of them lay identical looking eggs. The third one’s eggs are distinctively different. Absolutely no help, was I?

    • Oy! To make things even weirder, I caught Scarlet yelling at Mae because she was taking her spot on The Unofficial Tool Bench Nest, not three hours later. She didn’t lay, but…still. I’ll have to keep my eyes on Marilyn…I DO hope her eggs turn out to be markedly different.

  2. Mine lay EXACTLY the same size/shape/colour. No differences at all. I took 4 eggs laid the same day to the chicken show. They judged groups of eggs that were alike in those ways and picked winners. We got best in class.

    The only way I can tell who laid what is to catch them for the EEs. Silly girls.

    • Well, there’s another of my silly theories blown to hell. Clearly, I need a MarilynCam…

      Congratulations on your win!

      • You could always break out the food colouring, but you may feel odd dripping green food dye up a hen’s rear. LOL

        I go by favourite places to lay to decide how well they are laying. I always add one coloured egg into a dozen eggs. Going to be hard when you only have two! It sure spices the egg cartons up!

        Maybe next year you’ll get a chocolate egg layer.

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