Heedley’s Hens get gifted.

We did very well at Christmas here, in no small part to the Super Gifter, The Man’s Mother. In addition to keeping all my other interests in mind, The Man’s Mother is always thinking about my chickens when it comes to buying gifts, scouring the internet for cool chicken stuff.

This year, she really outdid herself. She gave me two tin chicken sculptures, a rooster…

photo 2

…and a hen…

photo 3

…as well as this nifty signage to hang under the mailbox when the weather warms (there are wreaths hanging there now).

photo 4

All of which to say…I am one lucky chickeneer.


2 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens get gifted.

  1. Your MIL has GREAT taste. Wow. Love the hen.

    I think I’ll do a blog entry like this as well. At least 50% of my gifts were chicken related. Even got a $100 gift card to the feed store LOL.

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