WARNING: This post may give you neighbour envy.

I’ve been off posting for a bit. Apologies; there’s nothing for it. My chickens have been uninteresting and my muse has been AWOL. I can’t be pithy on command. Nothing worse than forced, substandard pith, I always say.

But, I do have something to report today that is unexpected and really rather wonderful. The Man and I paid a visit to our northeasterly neighbour yesterday afternoon, in response to an odd voice mail she had left us. We hadn’t seen her in a while, so we decided to arm ourselves with a six-pack of Heedley’s Hens finest and respond in person.

As long-time readers might remember, we have truly wonderful neighbours. Not only are they cool with our chickens crossing our two roads to graze on their lawns, they love it. We really are very, very fortunate in this regard. I have heard so many horrible neighbour stories…

It seems that our neighbour had gone so far above and beyond, the result can’t even be seen with the naked eye. Remember how I put up chicken crossing signs a while ago? She took it upon herself to buy two chicken crossing signs for her side of our mutual road, to protect our girls further. The road we share is the more dangerous of the two, lacking stop signs, and the spot for her signs is above the steep rise in the road that has caused so many accidents at the intersection.

Now, let’s pause for a moment to really absorb that, shall we? She bought signs for our chickens. To put on her property.

It goes without saying that I was pleased we had thought to bring her eggs, and immediately volunteered to do the sign erection myself. I found myself stammering with appreciation and wonder.

Some of life’s surprises are pretty great.


3 thoughts on “WARNING: This post may give you neighbour envy.

      • Please keep an eye on the turkeys as they get larger. We raised four a few years ago. After having chickens for a while, I thought the turkeys would be about the same. But as they grew, I discovered that they enjoyed eating some of our plants that the hens never bothered, and those they didn’t eat, they trampled. Then they started running up to people asking for treats, frightening some of our guests.
        Finally we made a deal with friends who have a big ranch to finish raising them. They had a very good life until that one very bad day.

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