We are getting turkeys in the 3rd or 4th week of May. We ordered 15 turkeys, I think that is a lot of turkeys for us to have at once. When someone orders turkeys they have to be sent to you in the mail but not all of them live when they are being sent to you, they might die, so they send a little extra, like 2 or 3 extra so you might get a little more than you ordered.

Of course, when we get turkeys we are going to send some to the butcher and the rest we are going to let have babies so that we can have more turkeys to sell to people but we are going to keep some of the babies. If we are going to name our turkeys we should only name the ones that we are going to keep.

The three kinds that we are getting are the White Holland, that look like this:

Another kind we are getting is called the Self Blue , that looks like this:

And the last one we are getting is called the Slate, that looks like this:

The best thing of all is that they can protect the chickens from hawks because they are so big. I am Stepdaughter the Elder and I am so excited about getting the turkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “NEW TURKEYS FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello StepdaughtertheElder. Great post! I wonder how the turkeys come in the mail. Do they have a stamp on them? Do they arrive in the little mailbox at the end of the road? I’ll have to think about this. I love the pictures you included. I think my favourite is the ‘slate’. THAT is a very lovely bird! The only turkey I’ve ever seen was in the woods when we were camping at Lake Huron this summer. It was a whole family, and every morning they’d come out and sun themselves on a big log. I have a great picture of the tom, but can’t post it. I wish I could so that you guys could tell me what breed it is. It’s very dark coloured, and its body is brown. The wing feathers are quite spectacular and very striped. It’s tail feathers have quite a bit of orange striping which is very pretty. I hope they are still there when we return this July. I’m looking forward to more posts from you and your sister.

    • Hi, I am stepdaughter the elder.The crazy thing is that I don’t really know how they come in the mail because I have never had turkeys before! Well, if we want to have some of our turkeys for thanksgiving we will have to wait until next thanksgiving.

      • That is very exciting. AND!! that’s a lot of turkeys!! How will ninabeast find space in the barn for everybody!

        I almost forgot…I looked up the turkey that I saw this last summer..and it’s just a ‘wild turkey’: no fancy name or anything. Just ‘wild’. Oh, maybe I could put a picture of him onto ninabeast’s facebook and you could see him!


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