Seriously, Dorothy? Seriously?!

You’ve heard of the 40-year virgin? Well, Dorothy, today, is officially the 31-week pullet. Delilah laid at 20 weeks, Dorothy’s breed sister, Gidget laid at 22 weeks, and Alice, the fifth to lay of 2.0, laid at 27 weeks. Then…crickets.

Now, I have never been known for my patience. (Stop laughing, Mom.) But I, in my naivetĂ©, had expected to have blue eggs some time in November, and here I am, still waiting for the last of the 2.0s to lay. The girl is enormous but her wattles and comb are still just pink, and she runs from me, rather than squatting for me, as her breed sisters do. She doesn’t haunt the barn during the day, so I don’t think I can expect eggs from her anytime soon.

Is she broken?! Am I being overly impatient? (Of course, I am.) Buffy was the last to lay of 1.0, and that at 29.5 weeks, so I guess we’re not that far behind. I’d love to hear from chickeneers who are still waiting for eggs from their spring chicks. It’s time to play:

How Old Is YOURRRR Pullet?!

Okay. Now that I have that out of my system…where’s ma damn blue eggs?


5 thoughts on “Seriously, Dorothy? Seriously?!

  1. Only breed I have that lays that late is my silkies LOL

    Maybe Hermione has a prodigy? Especially since she hasn’t picked up laying again yet from her molt. She must be sharing her hiding talents ;)

    • I’d be amazed if Dorothy is laying and hiding the eggs. She shows none of the signs of being a layer. That would be some serious stealthiness.

      • Not all of my layers squatted. But I guess they actually had roosters doing that part :P

        I doubt she is either. Probably a really late bloomer. My first SLW waited until she was 7 months old before laying.

  2. Lefty (SLW) still hasn’t laid nor does she show any signs she’ll be doing so any time soon. Her comb is FINALLY starting to grow in a little, but nothing like the rest of her sisters. It amazes me how different chickens of the same breed can be!

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