New friends.

Wee Beastie I guess made a new friend, because he made Billie a chair. I guess Billie did not mind, because Billie did not want to get up and slide him off. As you can see, Billie is like” What are you looking at.” Wee beastie, made sure that Billie couldn’t get up, because he stretched out his long, furry cat paws and looked at Billie, very curiously. By the way, if you are wondering who is typing this, it is not Ninabeast, it is Stepdaughter the Younger. Happy thanksgiving! I know that almost everyone you know, said that to you already, but I am just going to say it to you anyway. this is a picture of what it looked like with Wee Beastie and Billie.


6 thoughts on “New friends.

  1. Fun Thanksgiving post! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. :) We did our Thanksgiving back in October. I like that there’s two…more celebrating. Keep up the good posts, StY.

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