The state of the molt. Coraline edition.

In yesterday’s post, I promised to get some pics of Coraline to you.

Poor Coraline. She is so accustomed to being the HBIC. She thinks I don’t know it because she has a cute little baby “boop, boop boop?” voice, but I have seen her in action. She knows how to keep her place at the top of the pecking order.

She’s been making herself pretty scarce lately, and now I know why. Here’s Coraline at her full power, about a year ago, having been the first to dip her beak in the après-breakfast milk dish:

Yes, that’s her: the one with milk dripping down her huge, red wattles. Today, she looks like this:

Not the worst molt ever, not by a long shot. But…still. Not pretty.

But there is hope. Her new hackle feathers are coming in beautifully. If you look at the next pic closely, you’ll see thin, darker feathers showing at the base of her neck:

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel. (And, with any luck, a few eggs, too.)

And here’s something I had forgotten all about. Remember when I said I was hoping Trixie’s molt would reboot her eggmaker? I had had another molt hope as well: that Haley’s butt feathers would grow back. For many, many months, Haley has had a huge, red, raw bald spot on her butt, cause unknown. It was only as I was sitting here typing that it occurred to me…she now has a gorgeous fluffy, coppery bloomers! No holes!

Oh, huzzah.


3 thoughts on “The state of the molt. Coraline edition.

    • Thank you! This was possible because The Great Chicken Debbie gets in a nice mixture of egg-laying breeds in a single shipment. She had four breeds in on April 15, 2011; I took three of each.

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