The showroom. A guided tour.

Some time ago, Aoxa asked to see the inside of the Heedley’s Hens barn. It’s taken a while, but on our Facebook Page, I’ve just posted a video tour of The Showroom, the most used section of our large, two-floor barn. This is the section of the barn used as a carriage showroom by the crazy Russian carriage maker who built the barn in the 1850s. I’m not making it up, I swear.

So, why now? Because The Man and I went to some lengths to clear and clean out the showroom yesterday, in preparation for winter, when the vehicles may need to be stored in there. It was in the 60s here yesterday, and I worked in a tank top. It was glorious.

The Showroom will surely never look this good again, so I figured the time was right for a guided tour. The hens came out this morning and were completely flummoxed. Where was all the stuff?! And all the poo??!!


3 thoughts on “The showroom. A guided tour.

  1. Awesome! :D Glad to see it! If they go in there daily – I know the poop situation on concrete. Must have taken some time :P A few of my chickens insist on going in the main barn part (like your main barn part) and of course the poop is a pain to clean out. I can’t wait until all that wood is out of there.. Then I can open it up for the winter to the chickens!

    Great barn! Don’t you just love having all that space? I know I do!

    • The poop-on-concrete is not too bad. I go over it with a small 8″ wide plastic rake before I sweep, loosening up anything that needs loosening. The only snag is when I hit a fresh one…barf.

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