Sharing the crazy.

Asking for your input again, chickeneers…




10 thoughts on “Sharing the crazy.

    • Should be simple enough to do for the first week (or two!) when I’ve insisted they be in the house. Could be trickier when they move out to the barn…but it will make me feel a LOT better to be able to check in on them!

      • They’d do so much better if you had a couple of chicks in with them. Chicks will teach them how to eat and drink, as they are particularly stupid when it comes to learning those things.

        My turkeys mated for the first time today! I can’t wait to raise some Royal Palms come spring :D

      • I’ve heard that, but I’ve also heard the poults will attack the chicks even if the chicks are older…will see what Debbie is getting in that week. I might need some Black Copper Marans. Oh, sweet baby Jesus, I need help!

        So…wait. You have turkey porn?

      • Hahah no turkey porn! I wasn’t ready with camera LOL But I would have probably taken a video if I did :P

        I put my 2 poults (10 days old) in with chicks 2 weeks older, and they attacked the poults. One has a huge scar on it’s eye because of that. Put them in as day olds, they won’t fight. :) My turkeys now seek revenge by chasing the roosters around. No one has been hurt, but it sure is entertaining!

      • My wild turkey – Betty bothering my Houdan – Gigi ;) Betty is a girl. I thought this was strutting and that I had 2 boys. She was 3 1/2 months old here.

  1. When we began repurposing our old horse barn into a chicken coop, my main concern was that it was further away from the back door and I would no longer be able to peek out and make sure everything was okay with the girls. After much research I found a wireless camera for $100 that I could monitor not only from my computer but also from my iPhone. You can also set it to “motion detect” and sound an alarm when there is movement (like for your raccoon friend). It’s first use was to monitor 2 new baby ducks in our brooder pen. It was awesome! Baby ducks are very messy, plus they absoluetely have to have water available at all times to digest their food. I could check in on them any time of the day or night to make sure they had not splashed the water tank dry. When we finished brooding them out, I moved the camera to a different area of the coop and now I can see what’s up with the girls any time I want. Being able to see what’s going on inside the coop has been great and allowed me to see that the girls were cramming themselves onto only half of our roosting poles at night. The other half was going unused. Made a few adjustments and now everyone is nice and stretched out.
    When my daughter had her first child, she purchased a baby monitor for $250. It was one of those that has the camera so you can see and hear baby. Dang thing was a pain in the butt. Only worked within like 50 feet of the monitor and never worked if you went outside. Then the stupid thing stopped working completely 13 months after she got it.
    HA! I beat that, I got 2 wireless cameras at $100 each, paid an extra $25 for the company to remotely set them up for me (as I am slightly computer challenged), one is in the grandbaby’s room for when he visits and the other one is 150 feet from my house (and outside). I can check up on the girls any time of the day or night, plus I was able to “see inside the coop” when I had to go out of town 160 miles from the camera.
    It is totally and completely worth it!

    • This is a big part of it for me. When the poults move to the barn, I want to be able to see them on my iphone in bed. The Man told me he is hoping to install a comprehensive system for the property, but yours sounds much more affordable, if only as a stop gap. You would happen to have a link to the one you bought, would you?

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