Actual PAIN.

I stopped giving the flock tetracycline in their water a few days ago. I had seen significant improvement in their bumblefeet, Tallulah notwithstanding, and felt what good could be done had been done. But, it’s not over just yet.

Because, I still have to throw out eggs. There is a withdrawal period of fourteen days for laying hens given antibiotics. It takes two weeks for the medication to completely leave the hen’s body, leaving no trace in the eggs she lays. Until that time has past, it is strongly recommended that the eggs not be consumed, by human, or animal.

Unless you are a chickeneer yourself, I don’t think you can know how much it hurts to throw out eggs. Even without the soul stamp of anti-wastefulness I was given by my father, throwing out eggs would be a difficult thing to do; with it, there is actual, spiritual pain involved. Hence…this photo:

For the past day and a half, I have been unable to actually do it, so the eggs sit here, accumulating on the kitchen counter, unused, and unusable.

Now, it could be worse. With the exception of the occasional Alexia egg and the Unsinkable Abby Brown, 1.0 is officially on hiatus, anyway. Yes, 2.0 is ramping up, but, at 26 weeks of age, Alice and Dorothy are still freakin’ freeloaders, so there’s no loss there. Gidget, Scarlet, Delilah and Jezebel are laying almost daily, and throwing out their eggs is awful…but I console myself with the fact that they are still getting up to size. It could be worse.

So, I will keep throwing out the eggs, on the days I can bear it…until November 1st.


5 thoughts on “Actual PAIN.

  1. There’s gotta be some kind of craft you can do to make it less painful.. What about blowing out the insides and decorating the eggs for the Christmas Tree?

    Hopefully you celebrate Christmas and this didn’t get awkward LOL. You could make adorable little egg decorations as halloween decorations (think jack-o-latern faces). You can throw out the insides of the eggs and feed the shells back to the girls after cleaning, can you not?

    There’s gotta be SOMETHING you can do… :/

    • I could blow out the shells for decorations, but I can’t give the shells back to the hens. Grrr. It was suggested to me by misterproperty that it might be a great time to make my own paint. :D

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