Buffy gets out.

It was a sunny afternoon yesterday, shocking after the day after day after day of grey drizzle we’ve been experiencing. At around 5, I though it would be a good idea to let Buffy out with her sisters, so they could stay acquainted, and she could graze.

I placed her with the group near the old garden, and 1.0 immediately converged upon her. I mean, they were right up in her grill, yo. It looked, to my inexperienced eye, as though they were challenging her as an interloper. She was clearly intimidated but held firm. I quickly grabbed a few leaves of swiss chard from the garden, to offer as treats. This helped to disperse the tension.

She didn’t graze, and she didn’t walk much; her limp is still very pronounced. After a half hour, I brought her back in. She has company in the crate today, but that’s fodder for another post, when I have more information.

I took a few pics yesterday. Here’s Buffy favouring her injured foot:

Trixie came over to see her sister:

At first, I thought she was coming over to keep her sister company, but, dang. Check out the look on her eye. That ain’t the Welcome Wagon.

Buffy, whether out of submission or pain, dropped into a sit, and stayed there for the duration of her visit:

It’s clear she has a way to go yet, but I’ll reunite her with her flock as often as weather permits. Poor Buffy; it’s always her, isn’t it?

Except when it isn’t…


3 thoughts on “Buffy gets out.

    • Both Buffy and Trixie are Buff Orpingtons, from a hatchery, not a breeder. So, lovely as they are, they are not stellar exemplars of their breed.

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