The Buffy Report. Day three.

Not much has changed. Buffy stays in her crate, in her nest, all day, not moving. She’s eating enough that she has produced six big, healthy poops since her incarceration, and that seems like good news to me. She’s not drinking nearly enough of her tetracycline water, but I am less concerned about infection now that we’ve agreed there is no break.

The foot itself looks much the same, but the colour is changing slowly from blue to green, which a sign of healing in humans, so I’ll take it as that here. The swelling is down slightly; Deb has me icing the foot for a few minutes, a few times a day. Buffy tolerates this admirably well.

I have been putting down paper toweling in the nest, so it’s easy to change out when she poops. I’ve been moving her as little as possible; while she’s lying down the foot is in an ideal position for healing, flat, with toes spread. When her toweling needs to be changed, I gently take her foot through a range of motion a few times, to keep it flexible while it heals.

She seems to have control of the foot; this morning, she scratched her left ear with her injured foot, and that made Mama very happy. She still can’t walk very well, so it will be at least one more day before she has outings with her flock.

Our indoor residents are reacting to her presence with a combination of fascination and boredom. Savannah and Lucius were around for the indoor brooding of 1.0, so this? is yawnsville. Billie remembers Buffy’s stay in the hospital after the dog attack, but…hello? Chicken in a cage? In the house? Never gets old.

Oliver and Wee Beastie are entranced. There’s just no other word for it. Oliver is chased by the chickens outside on a daily basis, but this is up close and personal, and she can’t get to him. Wee Beastie has never seen a chicken in his young life, and he is flipping out. I really need to set up a photo op for one of their nose-to-beak encounters.

That’s The Buffy Report from here. Peace out.


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