Poor little Alexia, bottom of the 1.0 pecking order, who laid first and who lays smallest, her smalls and mediums used at home and never placed in cartons for customers.

No more, gentle reader! For, behold, Alexia hath laid, for the very first time, at eighteen months of age…

…a LARGE (or close enough). Into the carton it goes!

This tiny miracle has ignited a fire in my cold, tired, jaded heart.



10 thoughts on “Oh, ALEXIA!!

    • It’s really not that hard! I have…eight hens now actually laying. Their eggs vary by size, shape, colour, and sheen, and they lay in different nesting boxes. Alexia lays in The Baby Box, used by only one other hen, Tallulah. Their eggs look nothing alike. Voila!

      • Yeah, but how do you determine it in the first place? :P

        I accidently hatched eggs that were SUPPOSED to be silkies, but it wasn’t even close. It came from a mixed breed bantam hen with an EE rooster. Obviously I’m not nearly as good as you are with this lol.

      • That’s easy; you have to catch them at it. I’m in the coop a lot, so I look into the nests to see who’s doing what. Which is to say, I have no life. That’s the secret.

      • LOL. That’s how you do it ;)

        Have any of your girls laid outside yet? I found a single egg right by my dog’s kennel. On the grass.. Not anywhere special or hidden. IT was so strange. :P

      • The only egg I have ever found outside was Alexia’s first few, which were laid under the ramp in the run. I understand turkeys are another matter, however…

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