Most days, I really search for something about which to blog. Is that a story? Is that a story? Is there a picture to go with it? I am, by nature, an entertainer, so I seek to entertain. I can’t help it; it’s a sickness. But, there are many days where there’s just no story to tell, so I don’t.

Then, there are days like today. Days where, not only is the story self-evident, but is also sequel generating. A chicken epic, if you will.

Buffy is back in the crate, which, at this point, we should just call Buffy’s Crate, and have done with it. No, she’s not broody. Again. As groan-worthy as that would be, I’d prefer it.

She’s injured. Again.

Yesterday, I noticed her holding up her left foot when she stood. It’s been mighty chilly here, so I attributed it to that. This morning, when I let the girls out of the run, she was lying under the ramp. At first, I though she was desperate to lay, and, until the outer coop door is open, there is very little light in the coop.

I scooped her up and carried her into the barn, to The Hideaway, her nest of choice. Oops! Occupado. Gidget was already there. Okay, her second nest of choice, then, in the coop.

It was when I placed her down to nest that I noticed something was definitely wrong. She was holding herself at a strange angle, all fluffed up. Was she laying right now? Had I got her there just in time?

It wasn’t until I picked her up again that I saw her left foot. Buff Orpingtons have pink legs and feet, and they are quite pale when cold, almost white. At the juncture of the toes on Buffy’s left foot, however, the area was quite blue.

Ruh roh. Looks like we got ourselves a house chicken.

Buffy’s Crate was hastily moved from under the big maple tree, where it had last been used to break her second bout of broodiness, and reassembled in the lodge. She’s in there now, and for the foreseeable future, in her old wicker basket nest lined in flannel sheets, with scratch to get her calories up, and tetracycline water, in case of infection.

Doctor Debbie has been consulted, it goes without saying. She has confirmed my diagnosis and treatment, and will be checking in on Buffy later.

This will be an ongoing story folks; details and pics to follow…


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