Oh, BUFFY. Visual aids.

I managed to get some pics, but Buffy was not happy to be moved. I’ll be keeping that to a minimum. The foot looks much less blue and swollen now than it did just a few hours ago:

After seeing this pic, Doctor Debbie ruled out bumblefoot, a big concern for the chickeneer (excellent resource here). She said some kind of a percussive event was to blame, possibly even car related.

Buffy has been prescribed at least one week of bed rest inside the lodge, then we’ll see. Nights are gearing up for real cold here, and reintegration will be done carefully. So, Buffy is comfortably ensconced between tetracycline water and a scratch/mealworm mixture. She’s not moving much; she has to be in a great deal of pain.

At least, she’s unlikely to be put in a doll’s dress this time. Tonight, Doctor Debbie makes yet another house call. I love her.


3 thoughts on “Oh, BUFFY. Visual aids.

  1. Good call on the antibiotics. I had a rooster who’s swollen foot turned septic very quickly. I did not treat his foot other than have him put down because he was going to be used for meat eventually anyway.

    I know his wasn’t car related, and it looked very similar to that, except not coloured. It was very swollen and hot to the touch. :(

    • If you’d ever had to squeeze a squirming, violently-protesting Buffy into a doll dress, that thought would not have occurred to you.

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