The size of it. 2.0 edition.

Four of six 2.0s are now laying with regularity, the two slackers being Alice and Dorothy; at 24 weeks of age, they are pressing their luck. Their non-rent-paying asses would be much easier to take if they weren’t the chief bullies of 2.1. That’s right: the good girls are the mean girls. Oh, the irony.

2.0 eggs coming in is beautifully timed, because I’m down to three 1.0 eggs a day now, on average, as the days grow short and the big girls prepare to molt. But it’s not exactly an even swap. Sorry, Gertrude; an egg is not an egg is not an egg.

A pullet’s first eggs are small, which just goes to show that Mother Nature has a heart every once in a while. The eggs grow in size within a month or two, but the eggs I’m getting from Delilah, Jezebel, Scarlet and Gidget are peewees and smalls. The official US sizing system goes like this:

Jumbo: < 2.5 oz. (71g)
Extra Large: < 2.25 oz. (64g)
Large: < 2 oz. (57g)
Medium: < 1.75 oz. (50g)
Small: < 1.5 oz. (43g)
Peewee: < 1.25 oz. (35g)

So, the eggs on the wax are not exactly replacements for the ones on the wane. Visual aid:

The egg on the left is today’s Abby egg (no. 6 in a row, for those of you keeping score at home). It went off my scale, which only goes up to extra large, making it a jumbo. This is standard procedure for Little Miss Layalot.

Continuing from left to right are Delilah’s #18, and Scarlet’s #3. The two girls are the same breed, the same age, and the same size. Jezebel is slightly smaller than the other two, but they are big girls. I caught Scarlet bullying Trixie the other day.

As you can see, the longer a pullet lays, the larger her eggs get. It’s gradual, but reliable. That said, Scarlet may have been the last of her sisters to lay, but her eggs are the only ones to have a gorgeous rosy blush to them. The parallel to her name is delicious.

It has been my policy to sell only large, extra large, and jumbo eggs, at a price of $2/six. I can’t very well sell smalls for the same price, now, can I? I may find it squeal-inducing to crack open a pullet’s first few eggs, but I can’t expect my customers to share my zealotry.

I am considering selling them for $1/six until they size up, which shouldn’t take long.

For little girls get bigger every day.


2 thoughts on “The size of it. 2.0 edition.

  1. Wow you sell your eggs cheap.. Mine go for $4 + a dozen (I say + because most people pay me $5)

    Pretty eggs! :) I always have some medium eggs in the cartons. I try to break them up with the big ones. Everyone gets a few blue eggs, lots of brown and a white or two in their dozen. Definitely makes for a pretty egg carton!

    I like how your cartons are plastic. However, many of my customers are very eco friendly and I have mentioned that I like the look of them, and they said it sent the wrong message.. Ah well. I really would like some retro paper cartons then :P

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