Oh, HERMIONE. Where’s ma damn eggs?! edition.

This is getting, as Stepdaughter the Elder would say, ridonkulous.

I can accept that Trixie has laid nothing but the occasional fart egg since March, for crying out loud. I can accept that Maisie will lay for a few weeks then take a couple of months off. I can even accept that “Production” Red Haley deprives me of her big brown eggs more often than she grants them.

But, today marks the fifth day without an Hermione egg. THIS is simply unacceptable.

Regular readers will know that this is not the first time Hermione’s eggs have gone missing. I have gone as long as ten days with no Hermione egg, only to discover that she has found a new, ahem…creative place to lay them. Like, behind the poop pit, for example. Or, actually wedged behind the poop pit. Or, The Tennis Racket. Or, on wicker porch furniture. Or, crashing down to the ground.

I have looked in all of those places. to no avail. My eggs go out to my customers all buff, with no dark brown eggs to perk up the carton. Sniff. She’s not squatting for me, so I suppose she may be on vacay, but she shows no sign of molting, either.

I miss her eggs!!!


3 thoughts on “Oh, HERMIONE. Where’s ma damn eggs?! edition.

  1. She’s at it again ;)

    Ahahaha. Why do I find her adventures so darn amusing. My favourite was the wedged behind the poop pit. I remember reading that and actually laughing out loud. She is the most creative egg hider. Normally production breeds aren’t so secretive.

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