Heedley’s Hens don’t keep score.

Pfffft. Just kidding. Of course, we do.

It’s been a big week for 2.0. Delilah laid her twelfth egg today, in only eighteen days. Not bad, little girl; not bad at all. Furthermore, today’s egg was a small and a bit. That’s a nice size for a beginner. The rest of 2.0 has been lagging way behind, however.

There have been some recent developments. Last Saturday afternoon, Stepdaughter the Younger went to check The Hideaway for eggs. She found Buffy nesting there, atop one of her own eggs…and another, smaller, darker egg, with an Australorp hanging around, yelling at Buffy. Delilah, right?

But…Delilah had already laid that morning. The egg was so similar to Delilah’s that it had to be another Australorp. Come to think of it, I hadn’t been able to figure out why Delilah had been hanging out at The Hideaway, waiting in queue, long after she had laid that morning.

Scarlet. It had to be Scarlet. Scarlet is much larger and more developed than Jezebel. We cornered the Australorp in question and checked for a leg band, the only way I can tell them apart at this point.

No leg band. The little bitch had found a way to strip hers off, which happens. Process of elimination, then! We went looking for the other two Australorps, who were grazing in the old garden, which still has not been leveled. Its meter-tall weeds are a favourite hangout for the girls, as you might imagine.

I saw a purple leg band…Delilah. Well, we knew that. Would the other Australorp’s leg band be green, as expected?

It was…pink. Scarlet. It was Jezebel who had just laid her first egg. You go, girl!

And then, of course, there has been Gidget Watch 2012. She is the only one of 2.0 to  squat for me, and, although she is easily the smallest of the Silver Laced Wyandottes, she has had brilliant red comb and wattles for some time now. She has been practice nesting and singing the egg song, without actually laying anything for two weeks. In short, she has been torturing me.

It seemed hopeful this morning that today might be the day, as she was hanging around inside the barn, looking agitated. I went to check under Buffy in The Hideaway an hour later, and…there it was. Gidget #1. It has to be, because it’s buff in colour, rather than brown, and Alice and Dorothy aren’t anywhere near ready.

I also had a Delilah egg today, although Jezebel declined to make the hat trick that would have totally made my day:

So that means fully half of 2.0 is now laying, just as the Great Molt begins. And, while we’re keeping score, today was Abby’s fifteenth consecutive egg, and counting. She’s still laying in the morning, and shows no sign of taking a day off laying gorgeous extra larges.

I love that chicken. I do.


3 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens don’t keep score.

  1. I just find it fascinating that my chicks, picked up the same day as yours and two of the same breeds, only have ONE out of 8 laying! My wyandottes are no where even CLOSE to laying. My australorps SHOULD be laying, but aren’t yet. Fingers are crossed it’s any day now! My only layer so far is a comet.

    • It makes no sense whatsoever. My last two hens to lay were a Buff Orpington and a Production Red. After Brahmas! There are no rules, apparently. And, mine do have the benefit of mentors, for whatever that’s worth…

  2. I have two girls that are older than yours and they are still torturing me. They squat.. They have huge combs and wattles, yet nothing.. I am only getting blue eggs and bantam eggs. They are plotting against me.. I bet they are laying in my neighbours barn! >:(

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