Heedley’s Hens get molty.

This being my first fall with mature hens, I’ve been keeping an eye open for our first molt. Everything I know about molting is second hand, and there will be yet another steep learning curve ahead of me.

It stand to reason that it would be bare-butt Haley who led the charge, although one might have hypothesized that she hadn’t feathers to spare. I cleaned the coop this morning, as I always do, only today I was met by a mattress’ worth of downy red feathers. I exaggerate slightly for dramatic effect, but it was a lot of feathers. Ever tried to corral and dispose of feathers on a breezy day? It’s like herding cats.

There are several gorgeous piles of sawdust and earth on our property; we had a few stumps ground early  this summer and haven’t cleaned up the piles yet. The girls are in dustbath heaven. I was watching six of them have a group bath this afternoon when Haley got up from her divot to reveal this:

Here we go…


6 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens get molty.

  1. Still waiting on my first molting chicken! I have one that is really naked around the back area. I think it may be from the roosters, but I’m not sure. Everyone else is fine. Actually one hen molted while broody I guess..

    It makes me wonder why they would hold chicken shows in the FALL if everyone is molting!

    • I’m not sure MWB (molting while broody) counts, as Buffy and Abby’s feathers were self plucked! Haley is really starting to look quite a sight.

      • She molted down her neck, back and tail as well. Not just her belly :) She is looking so good now. Still not laying yet. It’s been 10 weeks since her broody spell was cut off – She had killed her one chick that hatched. That is why RIRs aren’t meant to be broody. lol

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