Who’s number one? Who’s number one?!

All right. chickeneers. You’ve heard me bitch and moan about my chickens who aren’t laying (I’m looking at you Maisie, Haley and TRIXIE); how about we take a moment to appreciate those who are my laying stars?

For regularity, it’s hard to beat Alexia. She was the first, and rare is the day she takes off. She is diligent; she is committed. But…her eggs are small. BZZZZ. Sorry, Alexia. Thanks for playing.

If we’re going by egg size and quality, then Hermione is right at the top, but, even once they’ve all been found, the numbers just don’t add up. Coraline’s reliable, but has left the nest empty a few times this week. What’s up with that, Cor?

I think it’s Abby. It occurred to me last week that I couldn’t remember a day where Abby had not laid. Like, going back a week or two. The girl’s a machine. She finally took a day off last Monday, so I started the clock on Tuesday, and will be seeing how long she goes laying every day.

Now, Abby’s eggs are not only plentiful, they are also gorgeous. She is my go-to girl for mayonnaise eggs, now that Pip is no longer with us. We’re talking extra larges, sleek, beautiful, oblong, every day.

I’ll let you know what her running count is. In the meantime, let me know: what’s your record chickeneers? And who is your champeen? We want pics!


5 thoughts on “Who’s number one? Who’s number one?!

  1. AWW my dear sweet sunshine was my star, She was a cross breed ( I bought her under the illusion she was an EE, but she was not) she laid these large brown beautiful eggs, sometimes I swear she laid 2 eggs a day I don’t know if its possible but frequently she would come out of the hen house clucking in the morning and do the same late in the afternoon both time thier would be eggs there, i am Pretty certain she laid her self to death, she died at 18 months.

    • Oh, poor Sunshine! That’s a very sad story. I’ve heard of two eggs a day, but I’ve never experienced it myself. If I could get Trixie to lay at ALL I’d be happy…

  2. Penny. Hands down. Every. Single. Day. For months. I’m talking 80+ days straight. I recorded it. She even laid through her molt (took 1 week off).

    Red sex links.. I have to recommend them. They are incredibly friendly as well.

    Picture here. The two eggs that are really snug in there.

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