Because sometimes cuteness is reason enough.

I caught 2.1 in the coop this afternoon, hanging out on the new roost. They’ve been doing this lately, and it affords the opportunity to get some nice close ups of them in decent light. So, without further ado, here are Marilyn and Mae as they look today:

It’s hard to believe that only sixteen weeks ago, they looked like this:


3 thoughts on “Because sometimes cuteness is reason enough.

  1. They are so adorable – and right on track size wise for EEs.

    They will lay eggs – I promise!

    This is my full grown EE girl Fern. She is maybe 4-5 pounds max. Lays a really nice sized egg.

    The blue one on the right. The blue/green one is a bantam egg, above that is a Barred Rock egg. :)

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