My, my myyyyy…DELILAH.

We have our first official 2.0 egg, delivered yesterday afternoon by bad girl extraordinaire, Delilah. There were a couple of false alarms earlier in the week, small brown speckled eggs which turned out to be Haley misfires with not-so-pretty insides. I will spare you the details, gentle reader. Those pics would be labeld “G” by MisterProperty, for “Grotesque”.

But this one…this one was perfect inside and out. A lovely dark brown colour, like Hermione’s eggs. (I didn’t know whats shell colour to expect from Australorps, and I am thrilled.) Here it is, to the right of an Abby extra large:

And, upon opening, gloriously perfect:

It’s not like getting a FIRST first egg (and NotHeedleyWendy can tell you all about that; she had her FIRST first egg yesterday, too), but still a thrill. Given the on-again/off-again laying habits of 1.0, I am, in fact, overjoyed.

C’mon, slacker 2.0s; let’s have ’em, already!


4 thoughts on “My, my myyyyy…DELILAH.

  1. I think it’s so cool that we both got our first eggs on the same day from chicks we picked up at the same time! My Australorps are still showing no sign of eggs though….other than their combs and wattles are VERY red. Hopefully Gladys will show them how it’s done!

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